8 Reasons Why Reading Is Good For You

As a child, I was already a bookworm, so I actually talked easily. I love reading. Still, it really sometimes fails. I prefer to read in bed and sometimes I am really too tired for it. And when I imagine crawling onto the couch on a rainy Sunday afternoon with a nice glass of wine and a good book, I suddenly find myself working again. While it really is a wonderful way to spend your day; reading. Dream away in a beautiful romantic story, travel to another time, solve a murder, laugh very hard at ridiculous situations and so on. Reading is delicious! And it is also just very good and healthy! Why is that the case? I give you 8 reasons why reading is good for you… Do you read along ;)?

1. Less stress
Do you know that? That you can really lose yourself in a story? A good book can take care of that. No matter how stress you are under at work, in your relationship(s) or experiencing other issues, a well-written novel, thriller, or even a biography, it distracts you from the moment, forgetting and relaxing (for a moment) your worries.

2. Healthy brain
Reading makes sure that you are mentally stimulated. Studies have shown that if you are and remain mentally stimulated, it can cause you to get Alzheimer’s less quickly or to start dementia (or even prevent it). If you keep your brain active, you maintain the alertness and strength of your grey mass. Like the rest of your body’s muscles, the brain needs exercise to stay strong and healthy. Reading, puzzles and board games such as chess ensure that your brain is cognitively stimulated.

3. Knowledge
Reading teaches you new information and maybe that knowledge will come in handy one day. The more knowledge you have, the better you can tackle and solve certain challenges and dilemmas. Of course, one book makes more of an impression on you than another, but I still regularly think about things I read in Thea Beckman’s ‘Crusade in Spijkerbroek’, a book I read as an adolescent.

4. Expansion Glossary
In fact, this point is in line with point 3. The more you read, the more words you get to know. You even sometimes unconsciously learn the meaning of certain words because you read them in a certain context. Being able to formulate it better and the more vocabulary you have can help you enormously in your self-confidence, at work and in relationships.

Moreover, it is very good to read books in foreign languages to broaden your knowledge of words in other languages. If, for example, you have not spoken French since high school, it is not a bad idea to read a French book again. You nail your knowledge back in time and learn from it. Moreover, books in their original language are often better to read, but that is a personal point :).

5. Focus and Concentration
When you read a book, all your attention is focused on the story and, if it’s good, on nothing else. It seems that because of all the internet, social media, apps, mobile etc. of today’s world, we are no longer able to concentrate and focus properly. Because of all the impulses we are continuously multi-tasking. When you read a book you force yourself to focus and concentrate again and that is very good for us humans 2.0.

6. Better memory
When you read a book, you must be able to remember all kinds of different (main) persons, their background, history, experiences, desires etc. etc. If you had to learn a script, you could have a lot of trouble with it if you were not an actor. But when you read a book, you unconsciously learn all these things. You know who has what colour and who has whose family, and you don’t have to make any effort to do that. With this you immediately train your short term memory. Without realizing it. How handy is that!

7. Improved analytical skills
It must have happened to you… you read a thriller and you know halfway through the book who did ‘it’. Yes, of course, some books are just really very bad and transparent, but don’t underestimate yourself. You are training your analytical skills and learning to identify connections, ask critical questions and before you know it, you can also work at the criminal police yourself. Not everyone could have solved that murder ……………………………………………..

8. Rest
This point is of course in line with point 1, but did you know that reading a book can really bring you peace and tranquillity? Not everyone likes it, but it has been scientifically proven that reading spiritual texts in books can lower blood pressure and calm you down. Self-help books can really help people. No wonder they are sold so well! Find out more by clicking here: Dumb Little Man

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