Professional cleaning: Keeping your house, garden or office in good shape

If you always have to take care of your house and garden, you have a lot to do all year round. Starting with the cleaning of the terrace, up to the large cleaning action of the entire window fronts of the house. If then also the house wall is covered with verdigris, or the entire terrace stone slabs of the moss are attacked, experts must ran. With special cleaning agents they can go to the dirt at the collar.

The shining impression counts
Shiny facades are not only important in the business world, but also private homeowners want to know house and yard in a shiny condition. Building cleaning covers a wide spectrum. Starting with the cleaning, care and the entire surface treatment of all materials to be cleaned in and on the building and of course all outdoor areas, such as stone slab paths, terrace tiles and more. There areĀ professional cleaning services can do, for example, thoroughly clean an entire stone slab surface within a few hours. As a rule, environmentally friendly products are used for this purpose (ask for details!), the surfaces are treated gently and partly provided with special sealings.

The following services are offered by specialized cleaning companies, among others:

-Maintenance cleaning
-Glass cleaning (all window fronts)
frame cleaning
-Complete facade cleaning
final construction cleaning
-Housekeeping services and much more
-Interior cleaning of all kinds
office cleaning

A good example for such a cleaning service in the Bavarian capital is this cleaning enterprise from Munich: There on each side the fast possibility is to be calculated let itself an offer, also or straight for the private client.

In particular commercial cleaning surfaces are very large and partly of different structure. To clean these by hand, is sheer impossible and if one wants to make it nevertheless, costs time and very much commitment and selfinitiative. After that, the question arises: Have I used the right cleaning agents, how quickly does the cleaned surface get dirty again and how can I protect it from rapid contamination?

Professional cleaning does not have to be expensive
The respective price structure depends on many factors: The size of the respective office areas, the window areas, the complete scope of the entire task and much more. An individual quotation as above is very important before the big cleaning action starts.

For larger properties, the following applies: the best thing is for the respective cleaning company to inspect the areas to be cleaned on and in the house and possibly also outdoors, only then can a decision be made as to the price segment and scope that can be calculated. Open questions can be clarified and discussed immediately at this point.

Subsequently, a cost estimate for the entire cleaning action can be provided. With the necessary know-how, the cleaning team arrives and goes to the collar of the entire dirt package. In general, it is important that a detailed bill of quantities is drawn up which lists all the tasks to be carried out in detail. This is the only way to ensure precise work and does not raise any questions at the end. It is important that all points are discussed in advance and best fixed in writing.

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