Should I Use Watercolor or Acrylic Paint?

It isn’t really easy picking your art products. Among the major troubles is that there are so many different alternatives available. It additionally isn’t easy picking paints. If you’ve never ever paintinged previously, which one do you pick? This short article will certainly focus on polymers as well as watercolours. There are a lot of elements that set the two apart. Choosing the right one for you involves recognizing all about every one as well as deciding which one matches your requirements best. An introduction to industrial painting can be found here

Touching up your painting and drying time

If you intend to have the ability to re-work your painting, you ought to select polymers. They’re a lot extra opaque and also are much easier to adjust. They dry very rapidly and are extremely flexible. It’s extremely simple to return as well as fix a blunder with polymers, whereas it’s harder with watercolours. Though watercolours can dry rapidly when you utilize a hairdryer, their very nature makes it tough to touch your painting up. If you want to have the ability to fix on your own as you accompany, it’s finest to stick with acrylics.

Blending colours

If you intend to blend your colours on the canvas, watercolours are the ones to opt for. They are really easy to blend as well as mix with each other extremely quickly. Acrylics could be blended in a comparable way to watercolours, but watercolours are still the most convenient to mix. Blending watercolours too much could result in paints looking vague as well as brown.

Painting huge areas

Watercolours are terrific for painting big locations. If you have a big area that doesn’t necessarily require a great deal of detail, watercolours will cover it nicely. Mixing a tube of watercolour paint with water could make it cover a big area – at the very least a number of lawns. If you want a lot of detail anywhere and also intend to pay attention equal attention to every component of the painting, polymers are possibly best.


With polymers it’s easy to inform where the brush has been. Painting with polymers leaves brushstrokes on the canvas, whereas painting with watercolours doesn’t leave brushstrokes. If you repaint with watercolours, the result is a painting that looks a lot even more fluid as well as natural. Some like brushstrokes to be noticeable in the paints, while others don’t.


If it’s simply a matter of money, you ought to go with watercolours due to the fact that they are typically less costly. This is because they last a lot longer than polymers – you could use a number of tubes of acrylic paint on a solitary painting but with watercolours you normally don’t even use up a complete tube. You likewise don’t require much equipment to repaint with watercolours. If you’re a novice it’s a smart idea to begin with the essentials as well as acquire even more equipment – and also extra expensive paints – as you obtain even more certain with painting.


Most artists would agree that polymers are easier to manage. When you painting something, the paint stays specifically where you place it. Nonetheless, if you’re painting with watercolours, it’s more difficult to control where the paint goes. Watercolour paints tend to run as well as blend with each various other, making paintings look less practical. If you want clear interpretations and lines, stick with polymers. If you desire your paintings to have a more angelic, over cast and much less realistic appearance, go with watercolours.


Polymers are really easy to obtain utilized to and also are extremely usually suggested to newbies as a result of this. Watercolours require a bit more method to master due to their fluidness as well as since it isn’t really as simple to cover blunders and also retouch areas of your painting. With watercolours you need to be added cautious due to the fact that it’s very easy for a solitary decline of water to spoil parts of your painting. Completing a watercolour painting needs a lot more ability and also patience compared to ending up an acrylic painting.

Other factors

With polymers you could repaint on almost anything, including wood, cardboard, plastic as well as a lot more. Watercolour paints are best suited to paper, though acrylics could additionally be painted on to paper. Polymers have the tendency to have an extra layered impact and completely dry glossy, whereas watercolours dry level and also aren’t whatsoever glossy. Watercolours usually look the same, despite how much they set you back, whereas with polymers you obtain a much better outcome if you use a lot more pricey paints.