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Starting to Sew?

As you know sewing can be a bit frustrating when you first start off. The many struggles of making things look professional, jamming your machine and learning how to make items and clothing, were just a couple of my obstructions along my journey. These things made me want to give up sewing from the very start. Thanks to a lot of videos and sewing articles on the web, I pushed through and learned that I absolutely enjoy it! That is why I am here to encourage you to keep sewing and learn as much as you possibly can. Though you will have many mistakes in sewing, you will learn a lot from them. Think of your mistakes as constructive criticism on yourself, because of them you now know what you need to do to fix the problem.

Sewing doesn't always have negative effects it also has those moments where you are incredibly happy about the outcome. Especially when it is something you just learned to make like a purse, bag, or blanket. These are the times that make you love it, you feel good because after all that hard work of slaving over your sewing machine and getting stuck by needles, it was all worth it because you came out with a pretty good product. So I am here to give you great tips to keep you going and strive to be the best at what you do. I'll cover 10 tips that I wish I knew as a beginner to help me on my sewing journey.

Tip 1: Make sure you have the right supplies

Many times I have started a sewing project and I didn't have the right supplies to finish it. It can be very annoying. You have to stop what you are doing, find out what store is selling the item and go buy it.

Tip 2 Watch sewing videos and read sewing forums

So there is nothing better than getting help online. There are multiple free videos and forums are all over the internet to help you, it's awesome. A lot of times I learned things from watching YouTube videos and getting advice from others who were making the same items and sharing their knowledge, it was awesome.

Tips 3 Practice, practice and more practice

There have been so many times when I wanted to give up. It can get pretty tough, you start off with an idea and the item you want to make, and you get towards the end and you mess up. Maybe you sewed the wrong seams together or cut the wrong piece and you get so upset. Instead of getting mad and saying I am not doing this anymore, stop and say" there are going to be mistakes but I will get better," trust I am a living witness. I could not even remember how many times I have messed up on a project and gave up, my best advice is to stop your project and step away for a couple of hours and don't start again till the next day. It gives you some time to breathe and rethink everything, start fresh.

Tip 4 Start making simple items

Many times we like to start sewing things that a pretty hard to make. For example, you see this item on TV, say it's a purse. You think that's awesome I'll make one, though we really don't think about how hard it will be we just jump right into, then in the process you find out it's way too difficult for you to figure out. It's always good to start off with something simple like a tote bag or a cosmetic bag, these are simple and easy and don't take long to make.

Tip 5 Try making patterns

It's awesome to buy patterns from the store. Walmart and others provide sewing patterns that give you instructions on how to make a variety of things purses, bags, clothes and etc. Using a sewing pattern gives you an idea of things that you'll need to look and pay attention to when you make your own product. You tend to remember things when you have done them already; it also makes it easier and causes less frustration because everything you need to do is put into instructions.

Tip 6 Try joining a sewing groups or classes

Joining a sewing group or being around others that sew helps you in so many ways. You have different levels of experience and what you don't know they probably will. You learn new and interesting things that makes sewing fun and you get to express how you feel, with others that share the same interest it's pretty neat.

Tip 7 Beginners don't buy expensive fabrics

When you start sewing try sticking to cheap fabrics at first. As a beginner you are still learning and you don't want to waste money or nice fabrics until you've not mastered but have a pretty good grip on how to make the specific item.

Tip 8 Have your own style, be unique

Starting off I wanted to start sewing but I found myself making things that were not unique. I would see the styles that everyone else was making and starting to do the same. Remember your style is different from everyone else's. Don't be afraid to step out and be you.

Tip 9 Clean up those edges, get a serger

These are pretty good tools, they help making those frayed edges look clean and perfect. This is especially nice for blankets and seams.

Tip 10 If everything fails go to the web

When your machine jams or stops working for no apparent reason, make sure you first read your manual. If you still can't fix the problem they suggest you go to the company for help. I would suggest that you go to the web first. Many times you find things that you can fix on your sewing machine from the web and they are pretty simple.  Visit: best sewing machines 2018

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