The Best Blood Sugar Lowering Food!

If you’re reading this article, then you likely are with each blood sugar lowering treatment at the end of your rope.

Well, Iwill place it right. The secret isn’t some elaborate spice or cinnamon. It is not always about exercising.

The “Wonder Food”

The number 1 food you can eat to assist you lower your blood sugar readily is [DRUM ROLL ]. FIBER!

Fiber is similar to the “wonder food.” It’s so many amazing gains. You might be believing that it’s just great for helping you with your digestive problems but it’s not credible with Type 2 diabetes and controlling blood sugar.

Fiber is all parts of fruits and plant food that can not be digested by your body. It basically passes through your body fully whole when you eat it. It functions as a scrub brush.

Two Kinds

How can this help you with Type 2 diabetes and your blood glucose?

Fiber comes in 2 forms: Soluble and Insoluble.

Soluble Fiber absorbs in water and creates a gel-like material in your body that consumes all those carbohydrates and sugary foods.

Insoluble Fiber is the fiber that we’re accustomed to. It increases stool volume and passes through your body.

Time is the secret!

Both help you with your blood sugar but the time of when you eat them is the key. You constantly need BEFORE you eat your meal to eat your fiber.

15 minutes is the key. Always eat a salad or some type of fiber food 15 minutes before you eat. The soluble fiber will create that gel-like material and settle in your gut. When you eat, the foods can get captured in the gel and pass via your system without being consumed by your pancreas.

Is not that cool? That means the effect of carbs and sugary foods in your body is totally reduced. You’re setting yourself up for some astonishing health benefits by introducing this into your diet plan.

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